Watch the videos showcasing the change 125 years has had on historic Wales’ castles

If you are a keen visitor to Wales, its extensive history, or you enjoy looking back at how things used to be ‘back in the day’, then you’ll certainly appreciate this amazing series of videos pieced together to highlight the changes some of Wales’ historic sites have gone through.

Beaumaris Castle in all its splendour on a sunny day near our Beaumaris holiday cottages.

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Walk on Water in Saundersfoot Pembrokeshire

holiday cottages in Saundersfoot

Service with a smile in Walk on Water in Saundersfoot

A bad day at the beach is better than a good day at the office. Right? Walk on Water in Saundersfoot is a chic beach shop for cool dudes. Visitors staying in holiday cottages in Saundersfoot can drop in to get the latest stylish casual clothing perfect for coastal capers and days on the beach. Continue reading “Walk on Water in Saundersfoot Pembrokeshire” »

Helpful hints for capturing spectacular autumnal photographs

Next week marks the first week in September, and in the UK this means we officially welcome the autumn season back into our lives. You might not like the sound of that but with autumn comes some great opportunities to capture some stunning pictures.

A woman staying in our west Wales holiday cottages taking a photo of the landscape nearby Quality Cottages

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Create your best beef burger ever in South Wales

holiday cottages in south Wales

Beef Burger

Quality dishes are created with quality ingredients. On a pleasant tour visitors staying in holiday cottages in south Wales can collect all of the delicious goodies required to make possibly the best burger ever.
holiday cottages in south Wales

Slade Farm Organics rear good Welsh beef

Slade Farm Organics on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast in the Vale of Glamorgan is an award winning environmentally friendly farm where all of their animals are bred and reared on the farm’s rich organic grass pastures. All the beef sold through the farm shop is sired by a pedigree Aberdeen Angus bull and are normally slaughtered at around 26 months. All beef is dry hung on the bone for a minimum of 21 days but more often for 35 days. The perfect ingredient for your juicy burger.
holiday cottages in south Wales

Organic fruit and vegetables from Organics Around Wales

Organics Around Wales based in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire delivers top quality, fresh organic fruit and vegetables much of it grown on their own land. Where better to obtain tasty, eye watering onions and crispy salads to top your burger?
holiday cottages in south Wales

The Welsh Bakery sells bread in their two shops in Haverfordwest and Milford Haven as well as at Haverfordwest Farmers Market

Hand crafted fresh crusty rolls baked by the award winning Welsh Bakery in Pembrokeshire can be bought in their shop on the Old Bridge in the county town of Haverfordwest or in the Milford Haven Bakery & Cafe in Roberts Street.
holiday cottages in south Wales

Mouth watering Perl Las, blue cheese made by Caws Cenarth

Another award winner, Caws Cenarth is a family run business making artisan cheeses on the family farm Glyneithinog, in Pontseli, Lancych, Carmarthenshire. They create a small range of delicious products including caerfilli, brie, waxed minis, golden cenarth, perl wen and perl las. Perl Las meaning ‘blue pearl’ would probably be the tastiest choice to top a burger. The blue cheese is strong but delicate and creamy. Is your mouth watering yet?
holiday cottages in south Wales

Sarah Cooks Roasted Red Pepper and Red Chilli Jam

If you like a kick to your burger then award winning Sarah Cooks Roasted Red Pepper & Red Chilli Jam delivers just that. The fiery, flavoursome taste is the perfect finish to the best burger ever. Sarah Cooks is based in Whitland, Pembrokeshire.
holiday cottages in south Wales

Beef Burger

Beef Burger Recipe by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall spacer-25x25Ingredients spacer-25x25Beef silverside, rump, chuck steak or skirt (allow at least 200g untrimmed meat per burger/person) The best (least artificial) baps or burger buns you can lay your hands on – or use sections of thick baguette Salt and freshly ground black pepper Choice of toppings spacer-25x25Method spacer-25x25Mince the meat on a coarse setting, or chop it by hand with a large heavy knife until you have a coarse mince that binds together well. spacer-25x25Take a generous handful of meat, about 150g, and pack it into a tight ball between your hands. Flatten gently between your palms, pressing the edges in with your fingers to make a well-bound patty. spacer-25x25Lightly brush each patty with oil, then place on the barbecue over a high heat or indoors in a lightly oiled heavy based frying pan. The longer you leave the burger on the barbecue, the less likely it is to stick. spacer-25x25Flip the burger after just 3-4 minutes, for fairly rare. spacer-25x25When you think your burger is done as you like it, set it to rest off the heat for a minute or two while you prepare your bun and appropriate garnishes.

Rare big cat arrives at Welsh Zoo

The Sumatran Tiger is one of the rarest big cat species in the world, with fewer than 400 of these magnificent creatures left in the world.
Rare Sumatran Tiger arrives at Zoo near our Tenby Cottages

Tiger similar to Terima, who can be seen at Anna’s Welsh Zoo in Tenby

Now, the first pair of tigers have arrived at Manor Wildlife Park, which is home to Anna’s Welsh Zoo, located near our Tenby cottages. The zoo is owned by celebrity interior designer and conservationist Anna Ryder Richardson, who hopes to play a part in conserving the species, which are at risk from poachers.
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Celebrating Snowdonia’s ranking in the top 500 places on the planet

Snowdonia National Park in Wales is a truly beautiful area and was recently ranked 181st in the top 500 places to see on Earth by Lonely Planet! In celebration of this exceptional ranking, we bring you these fascinating facts to help you get to know our treasured Snowdonia: Snowdonia has been voted 181th in Lonely Planet’s guide to the best places on the planet Continue reading “Celebrating Snowdonia’s ranking in the top 500 places on the planet” »

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