June 12th is Welsh Bands T-shirt Day in Wales, and it’s a day to celebrate all music from Wales.

Wales is known as the land of song, as has been established by other posts we have put out, such as the Sound of Wales, but today, with a specific day put out there for celebrating Welsh music, we thought we would focus on the new music bursting through the scene.

Welsh Bands T-shirt Day

The message of the day is very simple. Welsh Band T-Shirt Day (which is using the hashtag #welshbandstshirtday) in support of Welsh music, and the local music scenes up and down the country encourage you to buy or wear your ‘fave band’s t-shirt! In Welsh, the hashtag is #dyddcrysautbandscymru. The message: Prynwch neu gwisgwch eich hoff crys-t! (Yes, it means the same thing!)

Welsh bands

So, at Quality Cottages, we have put together a new playlist on Spotify with some of our favourite, new and largely undiscovered Welsh bands. It features some of the best new bands that are coming out of the Welsh music scene right now, and to give you a taste of what your next ‘band t-shirt’ might feature…

The Welsh Bands T-Shirt Day artwork was created by the wonderful Mari Phillips.