Are you interested in going to Snowdonia, but aren’t sure as to what to do that will entertain everyone in the family? This guide will provide inspiration for your break, with interesting and fun adventures for your time in Snowdonia.

Surf Snowdonia

Surf Snowdonia is a unique surfing attraction in Adventure Parc Snowdonia. The location has a backdrop of mountains and forests, making for a very scenic day out. Surf Snowdonia is a massive wave pool designed to be used by surfers of all skills and ages. Different parts of the pool have different height waves, so beginner surfers and pro surfers alike can have a good time. For those who have never been before, the park also offers surfing lessons, as well as surfboard and wet suit hire.

Whether your family is full of seasoned surfers, or you’re just rookies, Surf Snowdonia offers a unique day out that everyone will enjoy.

Zip World

Zip World is a series of attractions throughout Snowdonia based around being up in the air or down below! From the 100mph velocity zipline, to the suspended trampolines in a huge ravine, Zip World offers a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities for the whole family to give a go!


Person in kayak at a lake in Snowdonia

Kayaking is a fantastic choice for a classic day out adventuring on one of the stunning lakes of the National Park. This activity can be relaxing, fun, or action-packed; bring along a picnic and explore one of Snowdonia’s most scenic spots!

Kayaking is a perfect leisure activity for the whole family, young and old, taking in the views whilst calmly floating along on the peaceful waters. Allow yourself to soak in the beauty of the National Park.

There are plenty of services in Snowdonia that offer equipment hire or lessons on kayaking, so don’t worry about the logistics of it, just get out there and enjoy yourselves.

Horse Riding

A brown horse with white stripe on its face

There’s a choice of stables around Snowdonia that offer horse riding experiences for all skill levels and ages. If you’re interested in riding a horse around the beautiful countryside, then this activity is for you! Enjoyable for all the family, in this activity you will learn to comfortably trot around the landscape with ease. If you’re good, you might even learn to canter within your session!

Horse riding can seem daunting at first, but you’ll learn to love it within your time in Snowdonia. There is no better way to explore the welsh countryside than on horseback with your family.


Canyoning is a unique experience that comes in different forms for different levels of skill. It is a combination of rock climbing and white water rafting, except there’s no raft; expect lots of clambering, climbing, swimming and floating in some of Snowdonia’s most beautiful gorges and canyons. There are plenty of services that offer professional canyoning experiences that are 100% safe (e.g. The National White Water Centre). However, you should not attempt to do this without professional supervision, as this can be dangerous if done in the wrong places. Also, there are plenty of child-friendly routes that are easier, but spare none of the experience!

This activity is completely packed with thrills and blood-pumping action. If your family is geared towards the more extreme side of adventuring, this is perfect for you.

Castles and Gardens

Harlech Castle in Snowdonia

If you’re not up for heights or getting wet, then consider taking the family out to one of Snowdonia’s many castles and gardens. For instance, the National Trust has a few castles that are fully accessible to the public for a very reasonable price. These places are filled to the brim with an interesting history and wildlife and are definitely worth paying a visit.

We hope we’ve encouraged you to go to Snowdonia and experience the adventure that the area offers for yourselves as a family. There’s something for everyone in this stunning region, remember that there is an array of other activities and attractions in the area! On your next trip to the area consider booking one of our family-friendly holiday cottages in Snowdonia!