Widespread reports of a group of inquisitive Kashmiri goats who have begun to ‘explore’ an unusually quiet Llandudno town have started to emerge.

Many news outlets such as the BBC and the Guardian amongst others have recently reported of these

The goats do have wandering tendencies but usually venture from the Great Orme, in Conwy into Llandudno during bad weather. However, Llandudno being the vibrant holiday destination that is it, rarely sees the goats moving into the town itself. During the Coronavirus crisis, however, the naturally inquisitive animals have made national news by taking advantage of the ‘deserted’ North Walian streets to have a look around the town.

Having a look around, with the occasional stop to feed on people’s flowers or hedges, the goats have become something of a symbol for the Coronavirus outbreak, showcasing just how people have reacted to the Government’s advice against unnecessary travel and movement during these times.

Not that unfamiliar…

However, Quality Cottages know of an owner of a North Wales holiday home, Pen Hendre, that is rather used to the goats finding their way into civilised society.

Kashmiri goats at the back of Pen Hendre Holiday Home, much like the goats in North Wales Llandudno who have been seen around the town

This photo, which was taken at the back of Pen Hendre holiday home in Trefor, shows the goats being active scamps in the village as far back as at least 2018, when this photo was taken.

Other locals to Trefor have also noted the goats presence in nearby school fields and parks. The owners of Pen Hendre themselves even commented:

“One of them likes to head butt our back gate, extra strong farm latch now fitted.”

And so it may seem like newsworthy fodder during the slow cycles of 2020’s news editor’s rooms, but it’s not that uncommon to see these majestic animals popping in every now and then in Trefor, or other parts of beautiful North Wales.