Much of Wales remains relatively unexplored, yet the roads less travelled often offer some of the most sensational sights in the country. With hidden and secluded bays, luscious green rolling hills and towering mountains, adventuring to parts of Wales that may not have at first, seemed to be your perfect destination or route, will reward you with a sense of freedom and liberation, as you relax into the unknown and absorb the awe-inspiring landscape surrounding.

A person admiring the view along the Wales Way

The Wales Way is about embracing the journey and relishing each mile you travel, as much as the destination you reach at the end of your journey. By taking your time and stopping when you see something captivating on route to appreciate it truly, your holiday will become one to remember. Get out of the car when you come across newborn lambs in the field, a beautiful display of wildflowers in the hedgerows or stop to watch the sun sink into the ocean. Relax and try not to rush, become mindful of your journey and the sights to be admired. Going where your mood takes you and embracing your impulsive decisions rather than cruising past some of the hidden, and uncovered gems along your path allows you to create unique and treasured memories, forming a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to this outstanding destination!

A person picking a flower

The Wales Way consists of three routes, all of which meander through the jaw-dropping scenery of Wales. The first of the awe-inspiring routes we want to highlight to you is the rugged and diverse scenery of North Wales.

The North Wales route is around 75 miles long, and each one along the suggested path is as seductive as the next. Your journey will follow the old trading route along the northern coast, it starts in Chester and finishes in Anglesey, but do remember, it’s not always the destination, but the journey! You will be passing through the breath-taking Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the Clwydian Range, with its dramatic hillforts and historic towns, as well as the undulating and wildlife-rich Dee Valley.

Following the AONB, the dominating Flint Castle will immerge amongst the horizon; it is one of six castles which are within close proximity to the route. Each one as majestic as the next. From the walled town of Conwy and Beaumaris Castle to the muscle-bound World Heritage, Caernarfon Castle.

Conwy Castle

The route may also be considered a gastronomic adventure, with the celebrated Bodnant Food Centre, Hawarden Estate Farm Shop, Gwinllan Vineyard and Hooton’s Homegrown Farm Shop tempting those in the area with the flavourful and local produce and meals! Fear not, you won’t be going hungry during your exploration of this stunning part of Wales, and the choices available to you will be plentiful!

As well as the world-famous historical sights and the abundance of outstanding food and drink to sample, you will also be lured by the ripples of the open ocean, inviting sandy beaches and the diversity of wildlife that habits the jaw-dropping coastline. From beaches that seem to stretch for miles, to hidden and hard to get to coves, each attracting both sea and land creatures, from dolphins and puffins to sealions and turtle doves!

a beach on Anglesey, North Wales

As if that wasn’t enough to capture your hearts, the views and exploration opportunities of Snowdonia National Park are sure to have you longing for another holiday to this exceptional part of the country! Snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, ancient woods, calm lakes and raging rivers make up the park, all of which tempt you to explore and discover.

Snowdonia National Park

Whether you choose to drive, use public transport, cycle or walk, take your time to enjoy the landscapes and attractions along the route, as they are plentiful. Many of our holiday cottages in North Wales are dotted along this stunning route, take a look at our hand-picked selection and find your idyllic stopping point along the journey!