Dear all,

We know these are uncertain times at the moment.

This situation is one that none of us have found ourselves in before, which means that we are learning to adapt so that we ensure as many as possible survive this outbreak, and better yet, thrive.

Social distancing and self-isolating were terms we hadn’t heard of just a few weeks ago, but now all of us are not only versed in new phrases, but also active participants. All that is, except for those essential key workers; the brave staff that work for the NHS, or those who have volunteered or returned to work.

We also recognise that there are so many other essential workers, in other fields, who have continued to get up and go out of their doors each day, so that we do not have to. 

Wales is a historic, and often magical place, that people love visiting. Each part of Wales offers something different, whilst still connected by the beauty, spirit and legends that bind us together. Our land is a privilege and one we love to share.

It’s fair to say that it has taken something pretty special to stop us in our tracks, as we find ourselves uttering words we never thought we would say to our customers, both old, new and prospective, but say them, we must: Stay home. For now, stay home. To help, we have closed down our ability to book until late May (subject to review), and we have moved guests due to stay during lockdown to different times of year, so that they don’t lose their holidays, but all with a core focus on keeping people safe.

Additionally, we know that as a cottage agency, we have access to a lot of properties that are currently not occupied. We have therefore put out an appeal to our owners seeking cottage owners willing to open these up to NHS workers and key workers. This has led to some owners opening their holiday homes up for occupancy to key workers in the health care sector, which we hope helps them continue to rest and recharge safely, so that they can continue their tireless work looking after others in their care.

It is how we can help these brave workers – whether they enter hospitals, clinics, delivery vans and supermarkets. Wherever they go to help, they go on a daily basis. Whilst we would love everyone to visit us in Wales, staying at home is how we beat this virus quicker, and get back to normal as fast as we can. 

As they say, we’ll see you “now, in a minute.

Lastly, to those of you working on the frontline of this pandemic – and to those of you which we may not have mentioned specifically, we want to say a massive ‘Thank You’. 

Thank you for your dedication and service, we will not forget it.

Stay safe,
Quality Cottages