The annual BBC music festival, the Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend is set to be the most impressive and ambitious of them yet! With four locations across the UK, including Belfast, Perth, Swansea and Coventry festival goers are eagerly anticipating the line-up. The first release of the big-name acts has recently been announced for Swansea, and the stars presenting in our beloved city include the ultra-popular Ed Sheeran and show-stopping Taylor Swift.

A crowd of people enjoying the Radio 1's Biggest weekend near our holiday cottages in Swansea.

Tickets for what is going to be one of the most memorable events the city and attendees are likely to see sold out within minutes and the accommodation for the weekend is expected to follow the same course. There have been recent claims that hotels in the local area have not only filled up record-breakingly fast, but they are also charging an extortionate premium for the availability they do have left. The weekend of May 26th and 27th, visitors who are searching for a hotel may find it difficult to find a room for a single night for under £400! When this fee is compared to the usual average price of £100, the hotels are definitely cashing in on the demand and increase of the volume of people to Swansea. Many visitors are considering camping in the back gardens of the cities residential properties but, if that doesn’t sound like something you want to do (we wouldn’t blame you) we have a range of quality cottages in the city centre, as well as just outside of the action.

Saxophones being played at Radio 1's Biggest Weekend

Our holiday cottages in Mumbles are under a 20-minute drive from the action in the city centre, or, if you fancy leaving the car behind, a leisurely 30-minute bike ride will have you comfortable in your accommodation. Alternatively, we have a selection of Swansea holiday cottages that would be perfect for your big festival weekend in the city centre, but, these properties are being snapped up fast, so, don’t leave your reservations too late!

A crowd of people enjoying the Radio 1's Biggest weekend near our holiday cottages in Swansea.

Will you be going to Radio 1’s Biggest weekend in Swansea? We are looking forward to welcoming the visitors to this great Welsh city, and we would love to hear about how your weekend went via our social media channels!