Dear cottage owners,

We are Leonard and Margaret Rees, Owners of Quality Cottages, but also owners of a cottage, apartment and glamping structure.

We wanted to share with you the risk assessment we carried out for our cottage in the hope that the process we used will help you or your cottage team.

  1. Print the risk assessment sheet from appendix 3 of the ‘Quality Cottages Covid-19 cleaning & house preparation protocol (Owners/Cleaners) V2’ that we emailed to you Friday, June.
  2. To start, walk the property from the place that clients arrive at your cottage (e.g car park). It may sound obvious, but act as though you are the guest arriving at the property for the first time. Consider all the touchpoints from that point onwards.
  3. Note down everything you consider. This is your first version. It is better to be overly cautious at this point and review after.
  4. Think like a guest who has never been into your property before. They don’t know where things are, so they will open more draws than you may think, touch more doors. e.g. we have lovely old fashioned farmers latch doors (see photo). Guests have to put their fingers in a hole to lift the latch. We considered trying to alter this but decided it would not reduce the touchpoints. It will be added as a point of extra care in our discussion with our cleaner. 

Below is the assessment form we completed. 

Living room Dishwasher friendly silicone new coasters

New plastic, easy to wash log trug

Throw, cushions, sheepskin, dog blankets, candle holders, fabric placemats, books, games, toys, information folders, side table fabric runner, the paper used to the light fire. Keep 3 plants ??

Make room in the store for all items being removed in the house

Blue twin bedroom Cushions,  throws, dried flowers,  2 vases, lavender drawer perfume. How to manage the spare blankets in the wardrobes?   Same question for all bedrooms
Ensuite bathroom 1) Complimentary toiletries. 

Buy more refill bottles to have 2 sets. Swap out each week. Disinfect outside of the bottle. Store for 72hrs untouched.

2)Cleaning products for guests

Buy 2nd set. Swap out each week. Disinfect outside of the bottle. Store for 72hrs untouched.

3 glass tumblers.  blue vase.
Hallway Add farmers latch door opening hole to cleaners extra attention list  Local information pamphlets, cushions, phone books, notepad, pen, QC brochures,  2 pics on the window sill. Decorative purple ball.
Upstairs double bedroom Change toiletries as above Cushions & bed throws, 2 glasses, dried flowers, antique lavender holder.
Hallway Antique weights. 3 measuring pots
Green twin bedroom Cushions, bed throws, dried flowers & bowl.
Bathroom Toiletries, cleaning material as above 3 glass tumblers,  blue vase.
Master bedroom Cushions, bed throw, 2 sheepskins
Green ensuite Toiletries, cleaning material as above 3 glass tumblers, blue vase. 
Dressing Room No actions needed
Kitchen Keep all saucepans. 3 frying pans, baking dishes.

No need for placemats. I have a Karcher steamer that has an attachment that can clean the wooden table.

Reduce Glasses, crockery, cutlery, utensils to 10 of each. ( House sleeps 9.

Remove: all spices, cling film, kitchen foil, kitchen roll, black vase, leather placemats, recipe books, red tea light holders, silver tea/coffee boxes, white vase.

Spare bulbs?

Window curtains by the sink. Very close and often touched. Remove or steam clean?

Garage Buy easy to clean bins Where to store refuse we need to hold onto for 72 hrs?
Utility Room Keep external cushions as they are waterproof and wipeable 

Advise cleaner to remove any leftover BBQlighters, charcoal from past clients.

Wicker basket with plastic plates/glasses,
Coal & Logs store Advise cleaner to wipe this down and coal shovel handle. Next coal and logs order, order bags not loose.

The next job was to research the items we needed to purchase for our enhanced cottage cleaning preparation and create a shopping list.