Skomer Island, famed as one of the world’s prime habitats for Puffins, has begun ‘live-streaming’ from the North Haven of the island, allowing members of the public to view the wonderful, pelagic seabirds in one of their primary natural dwellings, as the reality of the Coronavirus means that many will not get a chance to visit the island this year, as intended.

Welsh TV presenters Iolo Williams and Lizzie Daly will also be running a weekly catch up series, with additional footage taken by the island wardens. It will offer a chance to describe and discuss the footage from the live streams that is captured during the ongoing weeks.

The live stream, which is being fed from three remotely-controlled cameras, is being fed to YouTube, where website users can jump right into the stream to try and catch a glimpse of the beautiful Pembrokeshire natives.

The live stream, dubbed as ‘Puffin Cam’ can be viewed here:

Skomer Island has long been synonymous with providing annual sanctuary for the Atlantic puffin, which typically return to their nesting sites on the island each April, and in 2015, recorded a record of nearly 22,000 individual birds using the island for habitation.

The stream to Skomer’s North Haven is being carried out by the Wildlife Trust of South West Wales (WTSWW), who amongst other sites, is in charge of continuing and essential ongoing conservation work on Skomer Island, and neighbouring Skokholm. And the Trust predicts a very tough year ahead, thanks in no small part to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, which has decimated the tourism industry worldwide.

The WTSSW is currently in the midst of an appeal for funds to help keep their vital conservation work going, as a result of the pandemic’s devastating effect. The Trust has said:

“We earn nearly 50% of our income through tourism-related activities; cafes, shops, holiday accommodation and Skomer landings, and the lockdown comes at our busiest time of year which is disastrous!”

More information on the Puffin Cam live-stream, as well as details on the appeal, can be found here:

To coincide with the launch of the ‘Puffin Cam’, there is also a weekly round-up on hosted by Welsh wildlife presenters Lizzie Daly and Iolo Williams, which is called ‘Skomer Live’. The series is shown weekly in roughly half an hour segments with the presenters both isolating separately at home, but who give a fantastic round up of the week’s puffin-related activity from Skomer Island.

Lizzie Daly said:

“Skomer is a wonderful Welsh island which, at this time of year is full to bursting with vast colonies of ground-nesting sea birds and migrating visitors.”

If you missed the first few episodes you can catch up here, with Episode 1 from April 22nd. Episode 2 from April 29th is also available to view on the WTSWW’s YouTube channel, and a new episode will be released each Wednesday for the next few weeks.

Bird-watching, from your very own natural habitat!