The Land of Song. It’s often the unofficial title afforded to our green, green grassy homeland here in Wales.

Singing is very much a part of the Welsh identity, and of Welsh tradition – the history of the nation is soaked in lyricism, music, and poetry.

You are what you listen to.

Where it comes from is a beautiful mystery to most Welsh people; an impromptu sing-song or a passionate recitation of any a Welsh standard is enough to bring the most thick-skinned patriot to tears. And you can bet your three feathers that any working men’s club in the Valleys feel they’ve been short-changed if the club singer doesn’t do ‘Delilah‘ on a Saturday night.

Spund of Wales playlist cover from Spotify, by Quality CottagesEvery nation has its songs, it’s anthems and it’s shanties, but in Wales, it feels like much more than that. From the mines to the mountains, around the coast and through the hills, music is Wales’ heritage, and that heritage feeds each new generation, like an electricity. So many songs over the years resonate with the people here in Wales and spark passionate and often instantaneous performances.

If you’ve ever traveled to or visited Wales, you may have heard some of these modern standards. Modern classics from the Great Welsh Songbook. We know at the moment, that you may not be here and you may be missing that feeling of being able to pull up at your favourite look-out spot or walk the fabled coastlines as you had planned.

If that’s you, then take a listen to the following Spotify playlist that we have complied:

Within this playlist is a mixture of Welsh staples, great songs, and gems you may not even have realised have Welsh connections. We’ve included some of the best modern-day Welsh language music which is making it’s steady way into the mainstream of music culture. And of course, you have an assortment of legends from Tom Jones, Dame Shirley, a rogue’s gallery from the ‘Cool Cymru‘ era, and even a triumphant football song.

A journey through a few generations of pop culture, it’s a few hours worth of ‘audio-hiraeth‘, designed to let you dream momentarily, designed to transport you back over the Menai Strait or the River Severn, designed to spark those feelings of emotion and nostalgia…

Designed for life.


Playlist link: