Solva holiday cottage

The story of Carreg Wen

Our houses are all privately owned. When we meet with the owners we often hear some great stories such as how the houses were found, why they were bought, renovated, inherited etc.

We thought a tour of a selection of the stories would be of great interest so here begins a monthly blog, ‘The story of our houses’.

Solva holiday cottage

Carreg Wen stands in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

We start with a Q&A with the owners of the charming white washed cottage Carreg Wen in Pembrokeshire.

spacer-25x25We know Carreg Wen is a family property. Do you have any tales of it and your family’s history that we would find enchanting? 

spacer-25x25As a child I remember Carreg Wen having one of the best hide and seek spots on the whole farm! At the bottom of the old external staircase (which now houses the porch) there used to be a hollowed out space, accessible only through a little square opening. Presumably this was some form of old animal pen (geese?) but in later years it became a brilliant hideaway, particularly for myself as the youngest of 4 brothers! 

spacer-25x25The farm itself is steeped in history. Legend has it that beyond the fields by the cliffs, wreckers used to tie lamps to the tails of donkeys, to lure ships onto the rocks below. It’s also said that a secret tunnel led from a cave below called Ogof Tobacco (Tobacco Cave), up to the Manor House next to Carreg Wen. Some members of the family tried to retrace the route a few decades ago, but to no avail! 

spacer-25x25How old is the property and what was its original purpose?

spacer-25x25Difficult to be precise on this. Documentary sources indicate a settlement since at least the 12th century. The first time it’s mentioned seems to be in an inventory attached to the will of a Rev William Laugharne who died in 1784-5. We think that it then constituted the estate’s ‘malthouse’. It seems to have been modified over the years and by the beginning of the 20th century had been turned into stables. 

spacer-25x25What condition was the property in when you decided to convert it?

spacer-25x25A derelict stone building with crumbling walls, knitted together in parts by ivy, and capped by a makeshift rusted corrugated roof. It was quite a challenge!

How long did the conversion take?

spacer-25x25We put the planning application in during 2008 and Carreg Construction, an excellent local firm of builders, started on site two years later. By September 2010 the build was completed and lettings commenced in January 2013.

Solva holiday cottage

Carreg Wen stands in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Carreg Wen has a rare location with sea views in the National Park which protects local buildings to a far greater extent than the properties outside the park. Can you tell us about one or two restoration rules you had to follow that customers staying at the house would find really interesting.

Solva holiday cottage

Carreg Wen is rendered in traditional lime mortar

We were passionate advocates of adopting the traditional local building methods using lime. So the stone walls have been rebuilt largely with lime mortar. They have then been hand-pressed with lime render, with horse hair used as one of the binding agents, and a white lime wash used instead of paint. This allows the building to breathe properly and avoids the problem of damp getting trapped behind modern cement renders.  Gill Wickenden, a fantastic local conservation builder, led on this aspect of the project. 


Solva holiday cottage

Carreg Wen has roof and floors made with North Wales slate

We wanted also to replicate traditional dimensions and detailing for windows and doors. The floor in the main living area and the roof are made of slate from North Wales.

 spacer-25x25Which element of the restoration was the most satisfying?

Using the traditional lime method. A bit of a gamble, arguably, in such an exposed area but we’re really happy with the results. 

Solva holiday cottage

Stylish interior of Carreg Wen

Your house has a definite style. Did you always know you wanted this look or did it evolve as the house was restored?

spacer-25x25We were pretty clear from the beginning about the sort of look we wanted, but this was influenced a great deal by some other houses we visited.

spacer-25x25Where did you go for style inspiration?

spacer-25x25 3 places: Trehilyn Farm near Strumble Head (owned by Griff Rhys-Jones). Its restoration featured in the series ‘A Pembrokeshire Farm’ – which is how I got in contact with Gill Wickenden. The buildings on the farm have been brilliantly restored and proved hugely influential in our approach at Carreg WenDolau Canol in the Teifi Valley, owned by architect Roger Clive-Powell. Another great source of inspiration. Gothic Villa, Ferryside: a wonderful property restored by Tim and Betsy Bowen. Great for ideas on furniture and decoration. 

 spacer-25x25Are there any local outlets you found inspiration and pieces for your home that holidaymakers can explore during the stay at Carreg Wen?

spacer-25x25Malthouse antique centre, Narbeth. Tim Bowen antiques, Ferryside. Carmarthen antiques fair (check dates). Melin Tregwynt wool mill, Castlemorris.

 Art – Chris Neale, Mathry; John Knapp-Fisher gallery, Croes-goch. 

spacer-25x25What is your favourite place in the house and why?

Solva holiday cottage

A light & airy bedroom at Carreg Wen

Upstairs bedroom with en-suite: We spent ages trying to configure the best design for dividing the bedroom and en-suite. Together with our superb architect Wes Spees, we ditched the simple idea of a straight dividing wall and tried something a bit different. We think it looks pretty good!

 spacer-25x25What 3 tips would you share with anyone restoring a property in a place of such beauty?

spacer-25x25Apart from the obvious (i.e. spend a good deal of time making sure you get the right builder and architect):

spacer-25x25 1  Given the risk of damp in such an exposed area – seriously consider using lime products. 

spacer-25x252  Buy the book ‘Save the last of the magic…’ (Traditional Qualities of the West Wales Cottage) by Martin Davies. 

spacer-25x253  Don’t be afraid to ring up homeowners who’ve done the same thing and ask for a tour. Probably the best tip of all that we could offer!

spacer-25x25For further information about this charming and characterful pet free Solva holiday cottage with luxury accommodation for 6 guests in 3 bedrooms click on Carreg Wen