Here at the Quality Cottages HQ, the passion, adoration and admiration of the coastline surrounding our much-loved home of Wales is undeniable. Its where we head to spend quality time with our loved ones, for a solitary walk to refresh our minds, and more importantly, its where we recommend so many of our guests to visit, stay and ultimately, enjoy all that it has to offer.

We are constantly in awe of the ever-changing beauty of the coastline, and we are continually surprised as we learn more and more about the diversity of wildlife and habitats it supports, both out into the open ocean and along the shoreline.

To us, and so many of the visitors to Wales, a day well spent is a day spent at the beach. The sound of the waves lapping onto the shore is not only calming, but it reminds us of what’s important. When we’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some of the elusive creatures that make the wild and untamed rocky shores, roaring ocean and dramatic cliff edges their home; and we feel inspired – how this life support, which we like to refer to as the ocean, has such an incomprehensible diversity.

The Welsh Coastline

All of these reasons and more, is why we are bursting with pride as we tell you we have become a supporter of Surfers Against Sewage. The organisation exists to protect our fragile and increasingly threatened ocean, and through education, campaigns and beach cleans, they are contributing to the positive change we should all be aware of and wholeheartedly support.

The charity’s missions are so fundamental for the protection and preservation of our ocean, and their valiant work deserves all of our support, whether that is through donations of money, time or campaigning – in their words, ‘we see strength in numbers’, and this statement has never rung truer. Our oceans shouldn’t be filled with plastic; instead, they should be filled with a healthy and diverse ecosystem. Together, we should take steps to reduce our climate footprint and be aware of our impact. We shouldn’t be polluting our waters; instead, we should be promoting and encouraging their health. Improving water quality not only benefits the environment, it benefits humans, plants and animals – all of which, no matter how small or large, depend in some way, on the health of the ocean.

As a species, we are all dependent on the ocean, and its protection is going to take the effort, time and passion from all of us!

The work of Surfers Against Sewage is entirely funded through donations, and we hope our collaboration helps to preserve and protect as well as educate our precious, awe-inspiring oceans.

If you want to be part of this positive movement on your next holiday to Wales, why not take part in a beach clean? Whether you choose to join in with one of the many organised events, or you pick up a couple of bags worth of rubbish during your visit, there is plenty of work to be done and every effort, no matter how small, helps. There are beach cleans taking place all over the Welsh coast, our Snowdonia holiday cottages make the perfect base for your triumphant efforts!