If you’re coming to Pembrokeshire for the first time, or even if you’re a frequent visitor to these beautiful shores, we don’t want you to be left in a muddle by the new waste and recycling scheme. 

Of course, not every holiday home follows the scheme meticulously – some properties will manage their own waste – but for those that do, we’ve put together a basic guide to make things easier.

Most of us are passionate about keeping our lovely land, well, lovely, so we can’t argue with our councils’ decision to manage our waste more effectively. However, we all get a little bit tetchy when things aren’t done the way they used to be. If someone throws a spanner in the works – like launching a load of coloured bin bags your way – we can sometimes come out feeling like we need a hug.  

But don’t panic, it only takes a few secs to know your red bag from your green box, and you’ll be separating waste like a gardener shelling peas. 

Here’s all you need to know:

Blue Sack – Cardboard

Red Sack – Metals & Hard Plastics

Blue Box – Paper

Green Box – Glass

Green Caddy – Food Waste & Organic Matter

Grey Bag – General Waste (non-recyclable only) 

Purple Bag – Nappy & Absorbent Hygiene

If you’re uncertain about a particular item, we can recommend this helpful site for checking what to do with it: 


Recycling will be collected on a weekly basis, while general waste (grey bags) will only be collected every 3 weeks.

To find out which day is your bin collection day, visit the Pembrokeshire waste and recycling page below: