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In these uncertain times, you want to know that your booking - and money - is safe with us. Read below to find out what you can expect once you book with us.

We have helped thousands of guests move their holiday

Our primary aim is for you to enjoy your holiday in Wales when it is safe to do so.

Over the last few months, all of our team have been working tirelessly to amend holiday dates for bookings that were due to start before 11 July 2020. We have reached out to all of these guests and the vast majority have pushed their holidays back to a suitable date in the future.

You can be sure that if your holiday can no longer take place due to any government lockdown restrictions, we will be in touch by email. Working alongside our owners, we will discuss your preferred dates and find a solution so you can enjoy your holiday with us in Wales.

We can offer you the following options:

Amend your Dates

We are pleased to say we can move your booking to any new available dates you wish. If your new holiday costs more or less than your original holiday, the difference will either be charged or refunded to you respectively. To amend your booking, please click here

Gift Vouchers

If you are unsure of when you would like to stay with us, we can offer you gift vouchers for use on a future holiday with us. For more information on our gift vouchers, please click here.


We would hate for you to miss out on your holiday completely. After exploring all other options, if you really wish to cancel your holiday and receive a refund, we can do this over the phone. We are advising guests to pick a new date, simply because we are now taking lots of NEW bookings for later in the year and 2021. If you take a refund, we cannot guarantee availability later on. If you transfer your date, you hold onto a date for later on.

Please note: If you have already contacted us regarding a refund or movement of your holiday, please accept our apologies for any delay as we are dealing with an extremely high number of calls and emails. We assure you that no enquiry will be ignored. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We have several flexible payment options

With bookings being made further in advance than usual, our flexible payment options are proving extremely popular, especially our new Direct Debit plan.

Depending on when you are looking to book for, we can offer you the following options:

Direct Debit

When booking more than 16 weeks in advance, we are delighted to offer interest-free monthly payments with a deposit from as little as £20 when you book. For more information, please click here.

Pay with a Deposit

When booking more than 8 weeks in advance, we can offer you a deposit payment option. When you book, you will pay 1/3 of the rental cost, plus any extras, with the remaining balance due 8 weeks before you stay with us.

Pay in Full

If you would rather pay the total holiday cost, we still offer this option on all of our holidays - whatever your dates may be.

We look forward to safely welcoming you

Our great country of Wales - and all of its popular holiday destinations - will be here waiting for you.

It goes without saying that the safety of our guests and our local communities is paramount. We want to ensure that we are able to give you the very best Welsh welcome we can.

Once again, we are extremely thankful to our guests and owners for being able to move thousands of guests to future holiday dates with us.

We are accepting more and more bookings for 2021

Due to us moving bookings to a later date, and given the current lockdown circumstances, it is inevitable that holidays for 2020 and especially 2021 are booking up far more quickly than usual.

We suggest that you book now in order to get your preferred dates and avoid disappointment - safe in the knowledge that we are looking out for your best interests at all times.

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Further reading on Coronavirus

Coronavirus FAQs and Updates

In these unprecedented times, it is extremely important that we safely react to the ongoing events and restrictions of the world around us. If you have any questions about a new or upcoming booking, you may find that we have already answered them here.

Read our COVID-19 FAQs and Updates

If you think your holiday can't go ahead

If you are travelling from an area of high-risk or local lockdown, or have more than 6 people over the age of 11 in your party, due to Welsh Government restrictions your holiday may not be able to go ahead as planned. If you believe your booking is affected by this, please enquire about your booking online.

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Book with Confidence

We have moved thousands of holidays over the past few months, and also accepted thousands of new bookings. You can be sure that if your holiday can no longer take place due to any government lockdown restrictions, we will offer you several flexible booking options.

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