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A great holiday starts with you

From our very first meeting, our owners team will guide you through every thing that will help you increase your booking opportunities. There's a few small decisions you'll need to make, like whether you accept pets (we recommend you do!), that can lead to increases in the number of bookings you'll receive and money in your pocket!

Our owners team work closely with our sales team and marketing department to ensure that we're giving you the best advice not only for what customers are asking for, but also to suit best practices and industry trends.

Acclaimed Professional Photography

For every single property we represent, we work hard to make it stand out from the crowd.

Acclaimed professional photography will ensure that we will capture your property using state of the art technology and a state of mind that means your property has never looked better.

Our Brand

Our brand is based on quality, honesty and integrity. We target discerning customers who appreciate quality and are willing to pay for that reassurance.

Highly Effective Website

Our most important marketing tool, which our dedicated in-house team work tirelessly on optimising. We are always adding improvements based on customer’s needs and we work hard to ensure your property is showcased to its best.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our principal strategy and something we work extremely hard on. Ensuring our website reaches the top in search engine results such as Google for the most frequently used search terms is our key focus. It is a complicated business and luckily our in-house team are experts - their efforts ensure we are well regarded by search engines.

Our Database

We are very proud of our extensive repeat customer base which represents over 60% of our annual turnover. With over 45,000 people on our database who are loyal to the brand, we ensure we send out regular carefully targeted communications aimed at cultivating this loyalty to enjoy more or longer stays.

Social Media

We use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and carefully written blogs to increase customer engagement. Our high quality videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel – all to enrich the content for the increasing demands of today’s connected customers.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We have a large, carefully analysed budget for sponsored adverts online and can react quickly if a cottage or area needs a marketing boost.

Press Advertising and Coverage

We feature in the national titles, carefully placing the right adverts in the right places for the best exposure and return. Through well established relationships with the press we also generate a high level of quality editorial.


Many holiday companies are reducing the size or shelving their brochures in a move towards 100% web. Our research shows that the quality market still expects and enjoys a classy coffee table brochure.

Reviewing Your Performance

The holiday cottage market is dynamic and always evolving, so we undertake a monthly review of bookings performance of your property. We will then discuss recommendations with you, and agree any required changes to the marketing strategy.

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