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Tips for being a Dog-Friendly Cottage

If you're considering holiday letting, or maybe you have already begun, one of the biggest considerations is whether to accept dogs or not.

It’s a question that you will keep coming across, and a decision that has numerous implications. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide if you want to allow dogs, (or pets in general) but if you do, this guide will give you some insights into what will give you dogs and their owners the best experience, which in turn will lead to a better rate of rental success.

It's fair to say that being dog-friendly - or 'pet-friendly' - is more common than it used to be. Therefore, the more you can do to accommodate pets and enhance their experience, and that of their owners, the more favourable your reviews, and return visits will become.

According to research, shared by the RSPCA in 2018, around 44% of UK households own or keep a pet, with around 9 million of those pets, being dogs, specifically. Coupled with the fact that 66% - That’s two-thirds - of the UK population (Source: Coast & Country) took what is now referred to as a 'staycation' in the same period.

If we fast-forward to a post-COVID world, we have a few unique opportunities that are forthcoming with the long and winding road to a new type of normality. According to BBC reports, around 3.2 million pets were purchased in the lockdown, helping to tackle issues around loneliness and companionship. Couple that with the demand in the industry because of the sporadic industry openings and the fact that some people may not have had a proper holiday in two years, it's likely that there will be a shortage of sufficient holiday cottages over the next few years. And many of those hoping to take a holiday in Wales soon will also need to book somewhere that welcomes their pets as part of the bargain.

Whilst it's a good thing that demand is likely to be high, there are some things that you need to consider.

For instance, simply being dog-friendly doesn't always cut the mustard. There is a higher revenue to be made for sure, but simply allowing pets to come is no longer considered 'pet-friendly'. So, to help you cut through the countless listings out there, here are some of the most up-to-date trends that pet owners - and dog owners, specifically - are looking out for when they search online for a property...

The Best Tips for being a Dog-Friendly Cottage:

  1. Accept dogs of all shapes and sizes (and be prepared for all breeds). Acceptance is a universal ideal. But this does not always get extended to the canine fraternity. Consider the space that you have, and if any size or shape of dog will be the right fit. Where possible, choose not to limit dogs based on this.

  2. Think about how many dogs you can accept This is another key question, and one heavily linked to the themes of point 1. When thinking about what you can accept, think also about the number of dogs you can accommodate, and that you are comfortable with.

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