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What to include in your holiday cottage welcome pack

Many cottage owners decide to offer a welcome pack to arriving guests in some shape or form.

These offerings, whilst simply being a nice thing to do, are highly important to the first and

a lasting impression that guests have of you as a thoughtful cottage owner.

Now, first and foremost, we're talking gifted items here, which don't necessarily fall into the

category of 'essentials', like providing toilet paper or leaving salt and pepper. These items do not need to cost a lot but they are typically additional items that ensure the guests are left feeling that you are thinking about them.

But what do you include?

Sure, some hosts get by without providing anything. But you've gone to the trouble of

reading this guide, so something tells us that you want to go that little bit further for your


We think this is great, but there are lots of things you can provide. You may have experienced a welcome pack yourself in the past, and think its something you want to do, but you're struggling for ideas.

Either way, here is a definitive guide to items you can include, and ideas you may not have

thought of. You do not need to do all of these things, and we suggest you only commit to stuff that you can reasonably manage st each changeover.

There will be things in here you may not have thought of, and helpful guidance along the way to ensure your welcome pack works as hard for you as possible, which ultimately is the main reason you will be considering most of these points.

A good welcome pack can leave a lasting impression and a good feeling.

Good feeling = good reviews and more repeat custom. So, let's get started....

What to Include in your Holiday Cottage Welcome Pack:

  1. The first thing a guest often needs is a warm drink. Each guest you have may be wildly different from the last, but as a society, we tend to be creatures of habit.

    One of the first things guests do is look to make a drink, often a hot one.

    So, one of the most common and best items to include, are one or a few of the following:

    • Tea

    • Coffee

    • Sugar or sweeteners

    • Hot chocolate

    • Cold drink alternatives

    Tea has been the nation's hot drink of choice for decades now. Good quality breakfast - or 'builder's tea - is certainly going to be appreciated by many. However, consider a variety of options like camomile, Earl Grey or green teas are very popular. No one will expect you to offer

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