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Suggested Inventory: What to Include in your Cottage

When considering opening up your house or second home for holiday letting, there are many big things to consider. But it's important not to forget that the nuts and bolts of the rental will be in the details of what you provide to guests.

For decades now, we have worked with our owner's group to help and advise on a plethora of different aspects of holiday letting, but one of the most common questions we get once the

larger considerations are out of the way, is what to provide the guests.

What do they want? And what should you provide to ensure those good returns?

Whilst demand for specialist items or facilities is an ebb and flow, there are some constants that are easy to overlook, and not think about, but that can have an amazing impact on the overall impression your holiday home or cottage receives from paying guests.

It's sometimes easy to forget that some of the most positive experiences don't always come from the most grand of offerings, as function and comfort play a huge part in the way guests leave feeling about their stays,

The easiest piece of advice is to think about what you might want when you go away, but this really only tells half of the story.

The hard thing is to think about what others might want.

In this guide that we have put together, we will cover some of the most common items of inventory that we think should be a standard. Derived from data across our portfolio, and feedback over years of experience, this insider's list will give you the insight you need to ensure you set your guests up for the best possible start they can have, as they arrive at your rental.

We base this list on the most common size of the property, which is 3-4 bedrooms, so if your space is bigger or smaller, you can adjust as required.

But we hope it will give you the head start you need, and the inside track on your journey to providing what we're sure will be years of continued holiday letting success.

Suggested Inventory:

  1. Let's start in the bedroom. We suggest that you include a double. This can be any size. eg. king-size, queen-size, but ideally at least a 5ft bed.

    We would expect as it is a rental to include mattress protectors, a nice quality duvet, and a bedspread.

  2. The twin bedroom should have two 3ft beds. Ideally, you can use a zip-link bed to get an easy way to reconfigure the bed space, allowing for different party sizes and ultimately, more bookings.

    There should also be 2 sets of sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers.

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